Learning Journey

100 Days of Code Journey

April 8, 2020

After reading inspiring stories of career changers who transitioned into web development through self-studying, I finally decided on 25 October 2019 to publicly commit to the #100DaysOfCode challenge to take learning to code seriously - although this didn't go completely to plan at first!

Within the first 16 days, I got my first freeCodeCamp certificate for HTML & CSS. I was also enrolled on an 8-week Introduction to Web Development evening course with Code First: Girls, which was incredibly uplifting learning with other inspiring women also interested in pursuing a career in tech. I also got to build my first "proper" website in a team and ended up winning 2nd place in the course competition (it was of course about cats and it's live here).

On top of a full-time job, I'd found that I put a lot of pressure on myself and couldn't enjoy the learning process. I kept comparing my progress with others, which is detrimental because comparison is the thief of joy. I also applied for a junior dev role on the whim and was shocked I was put through to the interview stage. However, I wasn't able to complete the home assessment which made me question whether learning to code was even for me! BUT I'm grateful for this interview process as I learnt a lot and after a few days of mellowing, self-reflecting and planning, I restarted the #100DaysOfCode challenge on 15 December and completed it on 8 April 2020!

Why do the #100DaysOfCode Challenge?

What I've learnt

Looking back at my tweets, it's a good reminder to see my progress log considering I started this challenge knowing only the very basics of HTML and CSS. I learnt:

My proudest moment was being able to clone and build from scratch a personal website I built on WordPress before learning to code. I had no idea what CSS or JavaScript was when I built the WordPress version a year ago!

Final thoughts

Upon reflection on the 100th day, I wouldn't have learnt this much without the supportive platform so a big shout out to everyone (round 2 coming up soon!). My next steps are to finish the Code First: Girls Python Programming course, complete the Udacity Frontend Developer nanodegree, build more personal projects, be more confident in writing JavaScript and learn React. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning to code to take part in the #100DaysOfCode challenge!